What is GorillaTrace?

GorillaTrace is a private metasearch engine and Internet portal, designed for use by licensed Investigators, law enforcement officers, licensed process servers, licensed bail enforcement agents and other investigative professionals. Access is not available to the general public.

GorillaTrace accesses 18 of the top Internet search engines and combines their reports. It also separately conducts 2 newsgroup searches, a media search, 4 searches by subject's name to locate an email address, 4 image and photograph searches, an address trace, an address "reverse", a telephone trace, a telephone "reverse" and other "investigative" searches.

In total, GorillaTrace runs 64 separate searches and returns a combined report of all findings.

GorillaTrace searches are processed for all input search criteria. It is possible to enter a subject's name, address and telephone number at the same time and have searches simultaneously processed for all input.


Why do I need GorillaTrace?

It would take even an experienced searcher more than two (2) hours to manually enter and run all of the searches processed by GorillaTrace. GorillaTrace simultaneously runs 64 critical searches and returns a webpage report in approximately 60 seconds...a time savings of 2 hours each search.

Internet searches are free, and the amount of information available to even a casual searcher is astounding. Investigators use the Net on every case. With GorillaTrace, now there is an intelligent, comprehensive and time-saving way for investigative professionals to search the Internet.


What does it cost to use GorillaTrace?

If you are a PallTech subscriber or an "Investigations" newsgroup member, access to GorillaTrace is absolutely free.


How do I access GorillaTrace?

GorillaTrace is password-protected, to allow us to restrict its use to known investigative professionals. You must be a a PallTech subscriber or an "Investigations" newsgroup member to access GorillaTrace.

Authorized users are notified bi-weekly of the revised GorillaTrace password. If you are a PallTech subscriber or a newsgroup member, and you have not been receiving "New Gorilla Password" email, then we may not have your current electronic mail address.

To send us your updated electronic mail address, please send an email message containing your Name, your Company Name, your Address and your Telephone Number to: pallorium@pallorium.com. Please also put "Updated Email Address" in the Subject line.

To learn more about the PallTech system or about the Investigations newsgroup, or to immediately join the Investigations newsgroup, please click on the appropriate link or visit the website of Pallorium, Inc.

Both PallTech and the Investigations newsgroup welcome applications from licensed Investigators and other investigative professionals. Access is not available to the general public.





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